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Company Profile

PT Swanindo Prima Sukses ( http: / / was incorporated in late 2009 specially to better serve the mining, oil and gas, shipping and marine industries. Our objective now is to deliver the highest standard service and trusted product lines that our customers expect. We are striving to carve a niche by specializing in a range of revolutionary, technologically advanced, environmental friendly , natural , biodegradable and non toxic products which are not only gentle to the earth but will also add value to the business of our customers.
We are the leading distributors and sole agents for various internationally acclaimed brands with unsurpassed reputation trusted by industries all over the world.
Our products as well as our maintenance and cleaning services come with solid international reputations which are recognized by major conglomerates worldwide in all industries. Our products are engineered and built to represent or exceed the industry standards as well as competitive, cost effective and reliable and our main objective is to get your job done to your satisfaction.
We take great pride in our maintenance and cleaning services work. We have an experienced highly skilled labor force, specialist in maintenance and cleaning and most importantly dependable and pay attention to detail. We consider your vessel’ s docking fees and obligation and always deliver fast turnaround times which have proven to be a very cost effective exercise.
All our principals stand behind every product we sold and every maintenance and cleaning service contract work we undertake. They value your business as much as we do and will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy and got the value they paid for.

Our Maintenance and Cleaning services
We are professional maintenance and cleaning services contractor specializing in:
1) High pressure washing and water blasting cleaning and application of protective coating using our unique and environmentally friendly product.
2) Specializes in providing environment safe alternative treatment & cleaning services to Oil & Gas, Shipping & Marine industries. With our proven track records in oil spills, we are able to commit to turnkey cleaning and treatment projects to your required standard and specification.
With our experience and expertise and technical support from Chemco and Eco Logix , we will be able to provide the highest standard of services and complete our contract job at the shortest possible time thus save your time and money . Please contact us for a prompt and free quote. We welcome all enquiries.

Our products

1) Den Jet High pressure washer and water blasting machine

Den Jet is a leading manufacturer and supplier from Denmark specializing in hydroblasitng and wet sanding blasting of oil rigs, marine vessels and in other heavy industries using only water as a medium.
The machines are mobile, easy to use, and compact and occupy minimal space
Product lines:
CE20 Series, CE40 Series, CH20 Series, CD25 Series, CD50 Series
-20hp units ranging from 350 bar to 500 bar with low flow rates.
-40hp version between 500 bar and 1250 bar with medium flow rates.
-125hp product range up to 2800 bar

The applicable cleanliness standard subscribes to are as follows:

a) National Association of Corrosion Engineers http: / /
b) Steel Structures Painting Council http: / /
c) International Organization for Standardization http: / /
d) Swedish Institute for Standards http: / /

2) Chemco - New Era Protective Coating

Innovators in Glassflake and Polymer Anti Corrosion Technologies.

a) Solvent free, Wet tolerant , Glassflake Epoxy

b) Unique Solvent free, Wet tolerant, Rust tolerant Epoxy Primer / Finish

Suitable to apply on a completely wet and soaking, rusty with poorly and hand prepared surface. Safe to use in a no ventilation area. No fire hazard.

Products Industries
Glassflake coatings

Coatings in contact with food & beverage

Damp or green concrete primers and coatings


Rust converters and primers

Under water coatings

Anti-static and conductive coatings

Elastomeric coatings

Fire retardant & intumescent coatings

Ceramic coatings Petro-chemical

Food and Beverage ( including wine & beer tanks)

Water & Sewerage ( including drinking water)

Nuclear and Power Generation

Maintenance and New Construction

Marine Industry ( including ballast tanks)

Ministry of Defense

Car Parks, Industrial Warehouses

Fire and Heat Protection

Heat Insulation

Clients include:

Norbulk Shipping, Ro Ro Ferry Marseilles, Amanda C, Refrigeration Vessels
British Navy Vessel
Transocean Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore
Stephenson Clarke Shipping
Marine & Industrial Pump Repair ( Gulf)

3) Lea – Der Traction Matting
Rotary Table & Rig Floor Mats
Two component custom blend of polyol polyurethane with embedded traction surface to withstand invert and other fluids encountered during drilling process.

4) TODO - The world’ s leading manufacturer of DRY-BREAK couplings
Our TODO-MATIC® and TODO-GAS® coupling range offers the largest selection of sizes and material types available globally. Together with supporting products such as Break-Away couplings and Swivels, TODO® offers an unequalled range of fluid and gas transfer solutions to satisfy the most demanding of applications.

TODO® design and manufacture to EN ISO 9001: 2000 accredited procedures and our product range conforms to all relevant international quality, performance and safety standards.

• Road/ Rail tanker loading / discharge
• ISO retrofits & new build
• IBC containers
• Offshore rig supply
• Pharmaceutical processing
• Vapour recovery
• Ship to shore / ship/ rig transfer
• Ship manifold exchange
• Bulk loading / discharge
• Paints and inks
• Marine refueling
• Bitumen transfer
• Brewery
• Food feedstock
• Hazardous waste transfer
• Aviation bunkering
• Exchange manifolds
• Blending pits
• Rail locomotive refueling
• Tank top/ bottom loading

5) Eco-logix – Oil Spill Dispersant
It is a range of revolutionary and very effective water based oil dispersant and degreaser from The Netherlands.
Specializes in providing environment safe alternative treatment & cleaning solution to Oil & Gas, Shipping & Marine industries. With our proven track records, we are able to commit to turnkey cleaning and treatment projects from supplying of environment safe products, to Applying the products correctly and finally Complying to the standards and requirements from our clients and environment authorities.

SAPCom Specialized Applications
• Soil & Sand washing & treatment
• Storage tank cleaning
• Pipe pre-com & de – com
• Oil Base Mud washing & treatment
• Bio Pond treatment and wash
• Tank Coating , Inspection & preparation works
• Waste water treatment cleaning and recycling
Some of our major clients are:
- London Underground Transit
- Dutch Fire Department
- Dutch Railway System
- Total
- Stolt Nielson
- Heineken
- Nestle
- Repsol
- NATO Indonesia
- Pertamina
- CNOOC( China National Offshore Oil - Corporation)
- Kentucky Fried Chicken - Fast Food Chain
- PetroChina
- Vico Oil
- Soekarno Hatta Airport

- Keppel Shipyard
- SembCorp Marine
- Oceaneering - Offshore
- Tyco Electronics
- Stolt Terminal
Other Territories:
- Brunei - Shell Brunei
- Thailand
- Philippines
- Taiwan - Formosa Petroleum & Gas - FPG
- Korea
- Nigeria
- Libya
- European Union territories Malaysia
- Petronas Penapisan ( land remediation & tank cleaning)
- UMW AutoParts
- UMW Engineering
- UMW Petrodrill
- ENSR ( environmental consultants)
- Propel – ( tank cleaning)
- Emersons ( oil & gas actuator manufacturer)
- Crown Cans ( M) Sdn Bhd
- Adabi
- Marine Police
- Polis Department of Royal Malaysia - PDRM
- Samsung Electronics
- Alps Electric
- Petronas Carigali ( pipe commissioning- West Lutong)
- Exxon-Mobil ( pipe cleaning)

6) Mandals – Lay Flat Hose

Slurry, waste water and mine dewatering

Mandals High Volume Transfer Hose is developed for higher than normal working pressures for transfer of large volumes of liquid while at the same time being lightweight and easy to deploy.
Mandals Superman High Volume Transfer Hose is made from thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane ( TPU) extruded through a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn.
The excellent abrasion resistance prevents the hose from being damaged when deployed in rugged terrain where other types of outer cover would be worn off quickly due to the pulsations of the flow combined with the weight of the filled hose. The heavily reinforced weave ensures minimum extension in length and minimum “ snaking” of deployed hose.
Mandals Superman HVT can operate in an ambient temperature range from -50° C to + 75° C.
It can withstand intermittent use up to + 80° C.
Standard lengths up to 200 meters.

Mandals Superman HVT
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Burst Pressure Tensile Strength
inch mm inch mm lbs/ ft kg/ m psi bar lbs kg
8 203, 0 + 3, 0 0, 16 4, 2 1, 85 2, 75 600 42 81 400 37 000
10 254, 0 + 4, 0 0, 17 4, 3 2, 83 4, 20 507 36 99 900 45 400
12 305, 0 + 5, 0 0, 18 4, 5 3, 36 5, 00 435 30 123 200 56 000
To obtain maximum lifetime for the hose, it is recommended that actual Working Pressure and Working Tensile Stress do not exceed 1/ 3 of the above listed values.
* Total theorethical longitudinal strength.

Mandals Flexitex Koper 800 psi
Mandals Flexitex Koper 800 psi has high resistance against commonly used chemicals, because of the interlocking circular weave; the hoses do not stretch when pulled. For the same reason, they have a very high pressure rating to wall thickness ratio.
Can operate from -30Ú C to + 75Ú C intermittent use up to + 80Ú C
The hose can be delivered in lengths up to 200 meters
Mandals Flexitex Koper 800 psi
Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Burst Pressure Tensile Strength
inch mm inch mm lbs/ ft kg/ m psi bar lbs kg
6 154, 0 + 3, 0 0, 16 4, 0 1, 55 2, 30 783 54 51 400 24 600